Kim Jong-Uno - Card Game Rules


  • To be the first comrade to get rid of all of your cards.


  • The game can be played with 2 or more comrades.
  • Using a full 108-card deck, deal 7 cards to each comrade.
  • Stack the remaining cards in a Draw pile, and turn the top card over to create a Discard pile.


  • Symbol cards: Match either the symbol or the color of the card in the Discard pile to play.
  • Action cards: Match the color of the card in the Discard pile to play. These cards have a special effect.
  • Nuclear cards: Can be played on any color. Comrade decides what color will be played next.


  • The comrade to the dealer’s left goes first, and play continues clockwise.
  • Comrades play cards that match either the color or number on the top card on the Discard pile.
  • If a comrade doesn’t have any matching cards, they must draw until they can play.
  • If a comrade plays a Draw card, the next comrade must draw and forfeits their turn without playing.
  • If a Wild card is played, the comrade who played it chooses the next color.
  • When a comrade has one card left, they must shout “Kim Jong-Uno.” If a comrade doesn’t say “Kim-Jong-Uno” and another comrade notices, they can shout “No Kim-Jong-Uno” and force the comrade with 1 card to draw 4 more cards.


  • The first comrade to get rid of all their cards wins.

Socialist Card Types:

Alternate Card Types: